Thank you for purchasing our product – we hope that it gives you many happy miles in the future!  Our products are sold with certain terms and conditions, which are outlined below.  For the sake of convenience, Powerflow Motorcycle Products will be shown as PMP in the text below:-

1) All motorcycle exhaust systems are guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase by the end user, unless used in any form of motorsports or competition, whether on a closed circuit or off-road, in which case the guarantee becomes null and void.

2) All PMP exhaust systems are hand-fabricated in 304gde. Stainless Steel.   Due to the nature of this metal, the hottest parts of the system will discolour to a golden (or straw) colour in normal use.  If left unpolished for a long period a hard brown “scale” may develop, which is very difficult to remove.  This is largely a cosmetic condition, but it may lead to “pitting” which will require grinding, linishing and machine-polishing to restore the original shine.  Discolouration and pitting can be minimised by frequent polishing with a high quality, mildly abrasive metal polish, such as Autosol Marine Shine (if you have difficulty finding it, we do stock this product). NEVER USE A POT SCOURER, WHETHER STEEL, BRASS or PLASTIC!!!   THEY WILL MAKE THE EXHAUST DULL IN APPEARANCE!

*  We have requested all dealers to make customers aware of this characteristic when the exhaust is purchased, in order to avoid dissatisfaction with the product.

*  The polished finish is not guaranteed!  A refinishing service is offered, where practical, at nominal rates.

3) The customer is obliged to retain his invoice as proof of the date of purchase!  The guarantee covers perforation by corrosion and defective workmanship only, and does not cover the cosmetic finish or any mild steel external fittings such as flanges, brackets, bolts, nuts, etc.  In addition, the guarantee does not cover any labour costs incurred in the removal or re-fitting of any faulty components, or any transport costs to the factory.  However, PMP undertakes to return the repaired or replaced item at their cost in the case of a valid claim.

4) Fractures and/or breakages caused by incorrect fitment, impact or accident damage will likewise not be covered by the guarantee.  A remanufacturing service is offered where repairs, if feasible, may be carried out at nominal rates.

5) The guarantee is not negotiable and not transferable.

6) PMP will not entertain ANY guarantee claims until the faulty goods are physically inspected by factory staff!  No exceptions will be made!  PMP will not credit or replace any item unless it is returned to the factory for inspection, regardless of the circumstances.  Furthermore, PMP retains and hereby states their right to decide whether a defective item will be repaired or replaced, at their sole discretion.

7) In a case where an exhaust component does not fit correctly:-  PMP must be consulted before any action is taken by the customer, or before any work is carried out by any third party, such as a registered motorcycle dealer, a Powerflow Automotive fitment centre, etc..  PMP will only assist in rectifying the problem and negotiate what action is to be taken if they are consulted before any tampering, alteration or modification is done by the customer or any third party.  If the customer makes a unilateral decision to modify or repair the exhaust himself, or employ a third party for fitment and/or modification, PMP will not entertain any claim for any costs incurred by the customer for any services rendered.

Some sound advice:-  as many of our systems are of a more “free-flow” nature when compared to an original system, your engine may run leaner (ie. the fuel mixture may be weaker) and hence operate at a higher temperature.  In our experience, the bigger the baffle » the less the back-pressure » the freer the flow of the exhaust gases » the hotter it will run!  This is true of all exhaust systems and not just Stainless Steel systems!   A Stainless Steel exhaust system in itself will not cause an engine to run hotter, despite various urban legends that claim this to be so.  Stainless Steel does retain heat more than mild steel does (i.e. mild steel dissipates heat more effectively than does Stainless Steel), which leads to this misunderstanding.  In fact, many newer-generation motorcycles (especially sport bikes) have at least the header-pipes in Stainless Steel as standard fitment.

Because of the possibility of the fuel mixture being too lean, we strongly recommend that the CO˛ level of your bike is checked by a reputable dealer and, if necessary, suitable adjustments are made to the fuelling of the engine to compensate.  Testing under load on a dyno is the best way.  Excessively lean running can, over time, lead to overheating of, and cause damage to, the exhaust valves and valve seats.  It is also the single main cause of excessive discolouration of the exhaust!

We are very proud of our products!  Should you require further information or clarification of the abovementioned points, please feel free to contact us at your convenience (details above).

Thank you for choosing a  Powerflow product!